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What do we mean by college? It’s any education beyond high school. Let’s explore the differences between each type of school and the degrees you can earn.

Colleges and Universities (four-year) offer bachelor’s degrees and advanced degrees, which may include master’s degrees and doctorates.

Examples of professions that require these types of degrees:

  • Bachelor’s – Accountant, Teacher, Journalist
  • Master’s – Psychologist, Physician Assistant, Librarian
  • Doctorate – Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist

Community Colleges (two-year) offer certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. Many courses will transfer to a four-year college.

Examples of professions that require these types of degrees:

  • Certificate – Construction Worker, Certified Nursing Assistant, Welder
  • Diploma – Computer Repairperson, Paralegal, Electrician
  • Associate’s – HVAC Technician, Accounting Assistant, Chef

Career Schools (for-profit) specialize in trades like technology, business, or cosmetology. Most offer certificates and diplomas, while some offer bachelor’s degrees.

Apprenticeships are opportunities that provide both on-the-job training and classroom learning. You’ll take classes through a community college or other training provider that leads to a nationally recognized qualification.

Military Service provides training in a variety of career fields that can often apply to civilian occupations. Talk to a military recruiter for details.