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Seniors, you’re in the home stretch of your high school career!  While most graduation ceremonies are cancelled or postponed, finishing high school is still a huge accomplishment!  Congratulations on completing that chapter of your life. When social distancing has been lifted, CELEBRATE with your classmates and family!

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Your final weeks of high school will be a mix of juggling class assignments and preparing for college.  Finish the year strong and enjoy the last months of being under your parent’s roof.  The next phase of your life is right around the corner and we want to help you stay on track for college!  Here is a list of tasks that you can be working on now to make your transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.

Continue to apply for scholarships.

Hopefully you’ve been completing and submitting scholarship applications.  Continue to search for scholarship opportunities through the end of your senior year, this summer and even while you are attending college!  Make sure to meet the deadlines and attach quality letters of recommendation when required.  Free money can’t be beat!!

Complete the Financial Aid Process.

If you haven’t filed your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), do so now!  The FAFSA determines any federal, state and college-based aid you are eligible to receive.

Once you’ve submitted your FAFSA, watch for correspondence from the college financial aid office.  If you’re selected for verification, complete any forms sent to you and submit all requested documentation as soon as possible.  When you receive your award letter, compare offers and accept or decline what you are being offered. If you haven’t made your final college decision, accept offers from each college until you know where you’ll be attending for sure.

Check your email and student portal often.

Colleges will communicate with students via these two avenues and will send a variety of important information to you, so you want to read and reply in a timely manner! This may seem simple, but with the pandemic, so many things are looking differently, so it is imperative that you read all communication from the college thoroughly!

Register for New-Student Orientation.

Although it might be virtual this year, be sure to attend student orientation as this is your opportunity to ask questions and register for your fall classes.  The college will send you specific information on how your student orientation will work, so make sure you read it carefully for details.  Don’t skip out on orientation as it’s an important process in acclimating from high school to college!

Apply for campus housing.

Most housing deposits are due by May 1st, but may have been extended.  Check with your college if you haven’t received notification about housing options.  The housing application is your opportunity to name your roommate or have the college match you to a roommate with similar likes and interests.

Over the summer, you’ll apply for student loans, if needed.  You’ll also want to contact your new roommate to get acquainted with each other and coordinate who will bring what for your dorm room, like a TV, fridge, and futon. Most importantly, take some time to enjoy your summer break.  Rest, recharge and get ready to hit the ground running in the fall!  No doubt, this will be one of your greatest adventures!