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Applying to college(s) can seem like and overwhelming task for a lot of high school seniors out there, especially if your parents or older siblings have never been through this process. There are so many forms to fill out and deadlines to meet- where does a person even begin?! We’ve got some tips to help you navigate through the admissions process and keep you on your path to college!

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Complete the Application

Getting started is often the hardest part! Admission applications can be found on the college’s website, and some require a fee. Look for a section that says Admissions, Prospective Students, or Apply Now. This College Application Checklist provides a list of items typically needed to complete your application. If letters of recommendation are needed, request them now, and write any required essays so you’re ready to hit submit once your application is complete.

It’s vital to apply early in the school year so you don’t miss out on important deadlines or scholarship opportunities. The earlier you apply, the sooner you will begin receiving personalized correspondence from the college.

Submit Required Documents

Review each admission application carefully and submit all required documents. Colleges will want your initial high school transcript, and then the official transcript after your high school graduation has taken place; your counselor will help you submit them. In addition, if you applied to a four-year institution, you’ll need to reach out to the college(s) to see if an ACT or SAT score is required. Many community colleges will have you take an Accuplacer test, prior to beginning classes with them.  Again, pay attention to any deadlines associated with admission applications!

Expect Admission Decisions

After submitting your admission application, you’ll receive a response from the college(s) notifying you whether you have or have not been accepted to their school. Some schools will get back to you within a week, others may take a month or more to notify you. This correspondence may reach you via mail, email, or through the school’s student portal.

Once you receive your acceptance letter, read it carefully to learn if there is anything else you need to turn in or other steps you may need to take. Some schools want you to confirm your admission online, so they know you are coming to their college, but only do this once you have made your final decision. If you were not accepted and have questions, call the school to ask for an explanation of their decision.

Stay Organized

Throughout this process, make sure you stay organized! Keep all documents and/or emails sent from each college, and always be aware of deadlines. Creating a spreadsheet is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways of keeping track of all of your college-related information!

Best wishes as you take the first step on your journey toward college, and feel free to reach out to EducationQuest with any questions or concerns you may have!