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Medical doctor holding an image of a heart

It’s that time of year when you’re either gushy about all the upcoming holiday references in stores and stocking up on insane amounts of chocolate…or a grump who is also stocking up on chocolate. So choose to take a responsible view of this special Valentine’s Day by planning for your future – and considering the best careers you can have on this day of love!

Floral Designer – The National Retail Federation says Americans spend over $2 billion on flowers – just on Valentine’s Day. Wowza! Florists sure are busy around this holiday. Ask yourself: Are you good at listening to what others want and asking them good questions? Are you creative? Do you enjoy helping at the school greenhouse? Consider designing and arranging flowers. But know that job opportunities are scarce and the average salary can be considered low ($30,000 per year).

Jeweler – If you like to work with your hands and solve problems, consider making and repairing jewelry. Your daily activities could consist of soldering and polishing stones and metal. You need a steady hand and agile fingers to put those tiny pieces together! And you’ll likely need some customer service skills so you can sell those gems, too!

Marriage & Family Therapist – Not all couples have love in the air on Valentine’s Day; they may need a counselor. I’ll admit, this could be a tough job because you’ll help couples and families understand the struggles in their relationships, and counsel them on restoring the peace (or choosing separation).  But if people come to you to share their worries and you tend to give good advice, this helping career might be a good fit. Just know you’ve got some schooling ahead: you’ll need a master’s degree – that’s after receiving a bachelor’s degree (typically 4 years in length). The need is huge – counseling job opportunities are in high demand.

Event Planner – The holidays are a busy time of marriage proposals, and those newly engaged are going to want to plan a wedding! If you pay close attention to the details and love to be social, you could help make the bride and groom shine on their special day! Job opportunities are available with an average salary of about $49,500.

Restaurant Manager – Ever been out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day? It’s tough to get a table! But you could be busy leading your staff as a manager at the “hot spot” to eat. You’ll interact with customers and keep the flow of the restaurant moving. Juggling multiple problems at once is key, so make sure you know how to handle the stress while making your diner’s experience one to remember!

Greeting Card Designer – Use your creative talents to design and write cards for all occasions. Make someone laugh, or cry, with your skills. You can bring the emotions someone is feeling, but can’t say, all in a greeting card. Hallmark is hiring (more than just designers, too)!

Massage Therapist – If you like to be “hands-on,” use your talents to bring treatment to others. You’ll need physical strength and endurance to perform massage for clients each day, and a desire to help others. Receiving certification in massage therapy shouldn’t take long, and new job opportunities are very likely in the future. You may even consider using your entrepreneurial skills to open your own studio. Get a partner so you can offer couples massage specials around this special day.

Heart Doctor (aka Cardiologist) – Cardiologists help treat heart problems. If you really want to have an impactful Valentine’s Day, be a doctor who literally heals a broken heart!

By Kristin Ageton