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It’s been quite the year, huh? During the Thanksgiving season, it’s typically a time to look back and reflect on all we are grateful for. This year, some are probably having a hard time with that. Many have lost income, jobs, homes, loved ones. Some have lost their homes, their lives. It has not been an easy or fun year. It’s been scary – and kind of boring.Thankful message with pumpkins on a blue background

Serious Benefits of Gratitude

No matter who we are or what has happened to us, if we can reflect on things we’re grateful for, we’ll benefit from it. According to Forbes, gratitude improves physical and mental health, improves sleep and increases mental resilience. An in-depth article from gives 31 benefits of gratitude and the scientific studies that prove it. It says, “Gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools for increasing happiness. Research shows it is the single most powerful method of increasing happiness.”


Thanksgiving might be tough this year. With COVID cases multiplying – can we gather our families together in our homes and share food like we used to? What will this holiday look like? What about people with underlying conditions or the elderly?

Most families are having to make adjustments, like smaller groups and some aren’t planning anything yet. When things are “not how we want them to be” – that’s the most important time to find things to be grateful for.

What We’re Grateful For

I asked some of our staff about what they’re grateful for.

Jacquie Butler says, “I’m thankful that my employer has made our health/safety a priority and chose to have us work from home. I am also thankful for my job! So many people are struggling in 2020 and I am very thankful to be employed and have money coming in to support myself and my family! I’m thankful for my family’s physical and mental health, and that I continue to have a roof over my head!”

Wynter Davis says, “This year, after everything that has been thrown at us, the good, the bad, but mostly the ugly, it’s hard to believe there would be something to be thankful for at this point. For me, one word comes to mind, reflective. This year forced me to reflect on my community, my professional goals, but ultimately, I did a lot of self-reflection. And through my assessment, I have learned that I am stronger than expected and still optimistic about the future.”

Juan Rodriguez says, “I am thankful I have not spent much money this year, allowing me to have more money to spend on my relatives for Christmas and be able to help those around me who may be struggling.”

Stacy Seim says, “I’m thankful that we have been able to utilize technology as a company that allows us to continue working from home providing our services. I’ve also really been thankful for the gift of extra family time – lots of movie watching, baking, just time chilling as a family without the go-go-go of our regular lifestyle.  And of course, I’m so very thankful my dad survived his bout with COVID!”

What are you thankful for this year?

What are you thankful for TODAY?

Whatever your plans end being for Thanksgiving – I hope you can share love, gratitude and hopefully get something delicious to eat.