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Apply to your top 3-4 colleges in the fall of your senior year. Most colleges will require the following.

  • An application and fee. If you can’t afford the fee, ask your school counselor if you qualify for a fee waiver.
  • Official high school transcript, including your grade point average and completed high school coursework. Some colleges also request your class rank.
  • ACT/SAT scores.
  • Some may require an essay.

Our College Application Checklist will help you gather all the information you’ll need. If your school conducts an Apply2College event, you’ll get help with your applications during the school day.

Create an account with your college. Once you’re accepted for admission, the college will instruct you to create an online student account/portal for communications about financial aid, admissions, and other college-related matters.

Make your final college decision. In the spring of your senior year, select a school that offers your major, is the right distance from home, and fits your family’s budget. Notify the other schools of your decision and decline their financial aid offers.