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It goes without saying that 2020 and 2021 were both very interesting years for almost everyone.  It can all be summed up with just one word: COVID.  Who knew that one little word could create such chaos for literally an entire planet?!?

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, most of us have found many things to be thankful for.  I reached out to some members of our EducationQuest staff for some insight on the things they are grateful for; here is what they said:


“I am most thankful for community. I lost my mother to her 12-year battle with cancer this February, and being a ‘mommas boy’ it was particularly hard on me to lose her.  The community of West Point, Nebraska made the Fischer family feel comforted and loved during that hard time.  I’ve lived in Omaha, Lincoln, and North Platte, and there’s just no place else I have felt that level of community before, so that is something I am super grateful for!”    Cody Fischer, College Planning Specialist (Lincoln)


“Thankful for many things but MOST GRATEFUL for Family!”   Brad Brown, Outreach Services Manager (Omaha)

Countless Blessings

“So many things to be thankful for… health, family, job/career, good team.”

Joan Jurek, Director of College Planning (Omaha)


“My grandchildren, Bentlee (7) and Liam (3.5).  No matter the stress levels the adults contend with, when they walk in the door it’s all smiles and fun!  They help make preparing and enjoying a Thanksgiving meal all worth it!”   Liz Koop, President and CEO (Lincoln)

Long List

My own gratitude list is lengthy…I’m so thankful for my family and my family’s good health (there’s nobody else I would rather have been quarantined with); my pets (they got us out of the house for walks during said quarantine and helped us enjoy the fresh air); my faith (there were many answered prayers when extended family members and friends became ill); and my freedom (November 11 was Veteran’s Day…thank you to all who have served and will continue to serve in the years to come).

Free College Planning Services

One theme remains constant, we are thankful for those who make us smile and who help us through hard times.  And many people are so grateful for the FAFSA  (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and having a resource to help them complete that form!  Feel free to reach out to an EducationQuest location near you to make an appointment with a College Planning Specialist for help completing the FAFSA (and much more free college-planning advice).

Happy Thanksgiving!