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The holidays are over…now it’s time to get back to business; the business of planning for college!  For some, college was pretty status quo…there was an equal amount of disappointments and pleasant surprises. But for most, college was anything but standard and their time there was stressful, exciting, and amazing…all at the same time!  Some of our EducationQuest Foundation staff members were asked to weigh in on their favorite thing about their college experience; here is what they said:

Welcome Week

“I have vivid memories of Welcome Week! It was amazing to have upperclassmen help incoming freshmen unload cars and deliver our dorm supplies to our new home. Creighton did a great job making new students feel welcome with all the free food, dance by the fountain, pool party, and small-group activities. It was so easy to make friends because everyone wanted to meet new people and really connect. I remained friends with the kids I met the first week of school, they will always have a special place in my heart.”    Jeannine Phelan, Director of Communications 

Lasting Friendships

“I’d have to say that my favorite thing about college is the lasting friendships that I made over the course of four years!  I still get together with close college friends every now and then and we just pick up right where we left off.  These are “my people”, the ones with whom my beliefs and morals align, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it!”    Jacquie Butler, Senior College Planning Specialist 

Study Abroad Program

“My favorite thing about college was the Summer Study Abroad program in Guadalajara, Mexico. I was excited to know that the end of college was near, and all I had to do was do well that semester. We had class during the week, and travel excursions on the weekends. A few of us students went to Guanajuato to see Mummies, Mexico DF to visit pyramids, and the Beach of Puerto Vallarta. I also found some time to visit my grandma and other relatives that I haven’t seen in years. Also, the World Cup was going on while I was there, so I joined about a million people who watched soccer on a Jumbo Tron at Minerva Roundabout.  The energy was intense!”    Victor Garcia, Bilingual College Planning Specialist 

Lifelong Friendships

“I LOVED college! I attended Nebraska Wesleyan as a Communications major. One of my favorite things from that experience is the life-long friends I made while there. I cherish those friendships and after 30 years, we get together once a year to catch up on our lives, laugh, and reminisce about how much fun we had!”   Daphne Hall, Senior Vice President of College Access Programs 

Different People, Different Backgrounds

“When I was in college I made it a point to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds. And now I have friends all over the world.  Hanging out with all the different people was a blast!”    Andrew Hunzeker, Outreach Manager of College Planning 

Finding Oneself

“My favorite part of the college experience was that it was a choice I made for myself, and it pitted me against myself. Coming out of high school I was a C student at best, and I didn’t participate in many extra-curricular activities (marching band through my junior year and that was it). Because I made this decision, I wanted to do well. I went from a C student to an A student and maintained a high GPA throughout college. Instead of taking electives for fun, I took more courses than required in accounting and economics. The only art class I wanted to take was photography so that I could understand how to use a camera (not a bad skill to have).  I enjoyed going to lectures and would always strive to sit in the first few rows. Being noticed was never a bad thing. I made a solid friend as well and we still spend time together when we are able to. College gave me the chance to see that I can be strong when I choose to be, and I can follow through.”    Brandon Farringer, Accounting Manager 

Multicultural Center

“My favorite thing about college was the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center. The staff at OASIS was amazing and often hosted dish-it ups and other educational and fun events. The WHT Learning Community, which I was a part of, is also located at the Gaughan so I was always there to study. It has a lot of amazing study rooms, but my favorite has to be the Kawasaki room on the 3rd floor.”    Frida Aguilera de la Torre, Bilingual College Planning Specialist 

TV Show Meetups

“Everyone meeting in the lounges during certain nights of the week to watch our favorite TV shows (which will remain unnamed so as not to age myself) and bringing snacks.  We never missed!”    Stacy Seim, College Planning Coordinator 


“The connections…lifelong friendships, including meeting my wife!  On the education side, the degree created career opportunities I never would have had otherwise.”    Brad Brown, Outreach Manager 

When it comes to the college experience, everyone had their own unique reason as to why it was their favorite.  But the general theme remains: College is what you make of it, and it’s up to you to make it great!

By Lori Caffery