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Seniors, you’re nearing the end of high school, and while you’re facing many “lasts” in these final few weeks, colleges are preparing for your “firsts”! New Student Orientation is the first event you’ll attend to prepare for your new adventure as a college student.

During the summer, colleges host an event called New Student Orientation. As long as you have been accepted to the college, you should receive notification of the days these events are being held. Just choose a day that works best to attend and get registered online. This day will provide you with a wealth of information and an opportunity to have all of your important questions answered! Colleges are also offering families the option to attend orientation virtually.

This event is important to help shape your transition to college life!  Here’s what to expect:

Register for fall classes

You’ll meet with an Academic Advisor who will guide you through the registration process to enroll for classes.  By the time you leave orientation, you should have your class schedule in hand for the upcoming term.

Student ID cards

Many colleges will take your picture on orientation day for your student ID card.  This student ID is your “ticket” or “passport” to all things on campus, as well as some discounts throughout the community – so you might wanna be looking spiffy that day!

Presentations and panels

There may be sessions or panel discussions comprised of college representatives who will provide an overview of academic and behavioral expectations while students are enrolled in their college.  Students will be informed about campus resources such as the student health clinic, tutoring, and student services, to name a few.

Getting involved

Current college students will talk about the many clubs and organizations available on campus, including fraternities and sororities. You’ll learn what to expect from each of them, and the benefits of getting involved.  As a side note; statistics show that students who aren’t socially integrated during the first month of college are less likely to stay enrolled. 

A peek into your future

At student orientation, you’ll meet other incoming students that you’ll be entering college with, and hopefully establish some new friendships!  There may be skits, activities, a tour of the campus, and advice on acclimating to dorm life.

Parent sessions

Typically, a parent session is held while students are off registering for classes.  This will allow mom and dad to ask questions and receive all sorts of valuable information.  Presenters will talk about academics, campus safety, and student health and insurance. The point is to reassure parents that the college’s top priority is the health and safety of their son or daughter….along with a great education!  Parents also get a chance to tie up any loose ends with the financial aid department, if needed.

No matter what college you’re headed to, plan to attend New Student Orientation!  Make the most of the opportunity you’ve been given to ease your anxiety, collect information, make some new contacts, and dip your toe into this new phase of life you’re about to embark on.  Good luck – you’ve got this!!