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In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, most of us have found many things to be thankful for, regardless of our circumstances.  I reached out to some members of our EducationQuest staff for some insight on the things they are grateful for; here is what they said:

Rescue Dogs

“This last July my family was able to adopt 2 beautiful Malamute/Husky/German Shepherd sisters from a shelter in Blair NE.  So without a doubt, I’m thankful that we were able to save 2 lost souls that only wanted/needed a safe and warm place to call home.”     Lori Caffery, Administrative Assistant (Omaha)

Gorgeous Weather

“I’m thankful for the gorgeous weather we have in Nebraska.  Sometimes we hate the heat and we hate the cold but I LOVE the seasons and how we have 4 definite seasons in Nebraska.  I could not live somewhere where the weather was always the same!”    Stacy Seim, College Planning Coordinator (Kearney)

Support Base

“I’m grateful for having a strong support base. Because of their love, respect, and ability to be present, I have found myself on such an exciting life path. This whole year, they continue to remind me I’m enough and the importance of being true to myself.”     Alex Jurgens, College Planning Specialist (Omaha)

Husband, Home, Dream Car

“I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, my perfectly imperfect house and my dream car that I drive (my red 2013 Prius with a sunroof)!”     Laurie Scharp Clement, Office & Project Coordinator (Lincoln)


“I’m grateful for my grandchildren: Bentlee (8) and Liam (4).  It is fun to watch them grow and they keep us young!”     Liz Koop, President & CEO (Lincoln)

Caring Co-workers

“I’m grateful for caring co-workers and a great place to work!  I feel very supported at EducationQuest.”     Kristin Ageton, College Access Director (Lincoln)

Growing Family

“I am thankful for my growing family, with the addition of my niece. I’m also thankful she’s healthy and growing so fast.”     Frida Aguilera de la Torre, Bilingual College Planning Specialist (Lincoln)

Hallmark Christmas Movies

“I am thankful for Hallmark Christmas movies.  My family and friends know I’m not a big TV watcher; BUT, get me settled in for a Hallmark movie to take my mind off world issues and I can sit for the whole night!   And of course…don’t dare tell me how it’s going to end.”     Joan Jurek, Director of College Planning (Omaha)

New Grandbabies

“This year, I am most thankful for the birth of two new grandsons born in August and October: James Daniel and Kenny Lane.”     Mike Timmons, SVP and CFO (Lincoln)

Healthy Family

“I’m most thankful for the health of my family. My two-year-old nephew was at Children’s Hospital for a few weeks earlier this fall with a sudden illness. I’m so grateful to the doctors and nurses there who took such excellent care of him. We are fortunate to have amazing medical facilities here in Nebraska. I’m also grateful to all of those who give their time, talent, and treasure in service to those who are less fortunate.”     Regan Anson, AVP Communications and Media Relations (Lincoln)

“The older I get, the less I take it for granted…I’m thankful for my health and that of my family members!”     Jacquie Butler, Senior College Planning Specialist (Kearney)

Gratitude Journal

I encourage you to keep a Gratitude Journal and write in it every day.  Before you know it, your mindset will shift and the days will seem much brighter!  And don’t forget to be thankful for the ability to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)!  Contact the EducationQuest location near you to make an appointment for help completing the FAFSA (and other FREE college planning advice).

Happy Thanksgiving!

By Lori Caffery