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Have you ever tried studying with so much effort, only to be disappointed when your grade came back? Maybe you haven’t found your best study style yet!

Which of these things gets you in the studying mood?

  1. All supplies (notes, pencils) at the ready.
  1. A due date – like a project due in a couple days.
  1. Other people to work with.

Now, match the number you chose from above to get an idea of how you can make studying easier!

  1. Your pencil needs to be sharpened, you can’t find the right notebook, and your charger has gone missing again. You need all your tools at the ready in order to get started! Avoid this trip toward perfection by setting up a space where all your supplies will be available. You’ll waste way less time if everything you need is in its place.
  1. Have you been called a “procrastinator?” You’re not alone; many people are motivated by a deadline. To avoid this last minute (or late night) stress, set up a reward system for yourself. Like, holding off on watching your favorite show until homework is done. Or, an ice cream dessert every night for a week, after you’ve spent ten minutes reviewing notes for the test on Friday.
  1. If you don’t have someone to do the work with, why spend the time to get it done? Or, if you’re like me, you need friends to help explain it to you. That’s what happened to me with physics class in high school. A group of three of us met up after dinner a few times a week to work through problems and teach each other.

Take action this week to use your time more wisely by adopting one of these strategies and watch its impact on your grades. Good luck!