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Family on campus tour.Next up, campus visits! The process is going to look different this year because of the pandemic; which has caused many schools to cancel campus visits, and others to implement various restrictions. This is understandable, but disappointing, because campus visits can be an important aspect of finding the right fit. However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. If you’re unsure how to navigate campus visits with COVID-19 restrictions, there are other ways to get a feel for the school.

Create a list of colleges to visit

It’s a good idea to pinpoint two or three colleges you are considering, then do your research. Most look good on paper, but you what to make sure it’s the best fit for you. Remember, there are a variety of public and private four-year colleges/universities, two-year community colleges, and trade/career schools across the country. Learn about the different college options with College Profiles (from EducationQuest) and BigFuture (from CollegeBoard).

Call ahead

It’s best to call two weeks in advance of your visit as it helps the college tailor the tour to your needs. Plus, it would be a great opportunity to discuss their COVID regulations and guidelines. If an on-campus experience is not the right option for you, virtual tours are available, online info sessions, one-on-one phone calls with college admission representatives, and video conference appointments. Many colleges are increasing their online footprint and social media presence as they know how important it is to engage perspective students – even if it is virtually.

Visit while school is in session

Scheduling your visit while school is in session will help you get a feel for the campus environment. If you base your decision solely on the school’s website, you won’t get the full experience. Every site uses pictures from the nicest part of campus showing happy, smiling students. Going in person or attending the colleges’ virtual events will allow for you to interact with real students and get a true image of campus.

Campus visit questions

It’s helpful to prepare yourself with questions ahead of time. Also, take lots of notes, it will be beneficial when you compare each school you’ve visited. For ideas of questions to ask, check out Top Questions to Ask on a Campus Visit!

Now go forth, juniors, and rock your campus visits!


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