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As a country, we’ve passed the one-year mark of living through a worldwide pandemic.  This is not the first global pandemic, and because of our mobile society, it will not be the last. So, let’s reflect on what we’ve learned over the past 14 months – and consider all the things we will no longer take for granted.

Teachers are amazing!

Whether you were a student learning from home or a parent who suddenly became the teacher’s aide, tech-support, and “lunch lady,” you now see teachers in a different way. They shifted gears quickly to provide an education virtually. While not the ideal learning environment, it was nothing short of amazing.

Nature is a beautiful thing.

When else can you watch nature unfold from the comfort of your home – for an entire year? Collectively, we watched the changing seasons as we took to the sidewalks for fresh air and new perspectives.

It’s easy to save when you have nowhere to go.

Although it was heartbreaking to watch restaurants and small businesses struggle, we sure saved a lot of money on gas, clothing, gym memberships, vacations, and haircuts (for the first few months anyway).

Technology ROCKS!

While not everyone was able to work from home, those who were have a new appreciation for technology. Workers packed up computers, supplies and headed home. After increasing home Wi-Fi speed, millions were able to keep on working. Thank you, technology! 

Slowing down is GOOD!

Many people report finding value in spending less time running from event to event, and more time with loved ones. It was healing to dust off board games, enjoy family movie nights, and finally get to that stack of books.

New habits.

We all now know the value of thoroughly washing our hands, and wearing a mask and staying home when we are sick. Hopefully, these habits will continue long after the pandemic passes.

Healthy or unhealthy, the choice is ours.

Some people lost weight and gained muscle and stamina over the past year, while others put on quite a few pounds and barely exercised. Which camp did you land in, and what will you do about it over the next year?

It takes a village

Where would we have been without the selfless healthcare workers and first responders? They were, and continue to be, true heroes. Also, a shout out to the grocery clerks, restaurant workers, truck drivers, and delivery workers who kept food and necessities flowing. We thank you!