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The past two summers I’ve “forced” my middle schooler to read an inspiring book and then give me a synopsis when she’s done.  My only conditions are a) it has to be completed before school starts again in August, and b) it has to be engaging and enjoyable to her. As we were perusing the bookstore, I happened upon a section that grabbed my attention. I found soooo many amazing books that I wish I had access to when I was a senior in high school.  See below for some of my recommendations of books that every high school senior should read.

  1. 100 More Words Every High School Graduate Should Know!

Today’s younger generation has relied heavily on social media for various types of “education,” but many of them are not learning how to effectively speak to adults, or how to conduct themselves during job interviews.  Reading through this book will give a young adult an edge when it comes to their vocabulary and conversing with someone they’re trying to impress.

  1. The Graduate’s Handbook

While this book is mainly used for soon-to-be graduates, it can also be used for many years to follow.  It provides helpful insight regarding life lessons, and inspirational quotes from historical figures and philosophers.  Be sure to utilize the areas in the book to jot down future goals and aspirations.

  1. Undecided

More often than not, high school students (and even some college students) don’t have a super clear picture in their minds of where they want to go, and figuring out what they want to do after graduation can be scary and overwhelming.  This handbook indicates different options that are available to teens after high school and provides suggestions on how to successfully navigate each path.  The interactive portion of the book includes insightful stories, activities and journal exercises that will help students keep an open mind and weigh all their options effectively.

  1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future

Who doesn’t love Michael J. Fox?  And who isn’t inspired by his incredible journey from acting to managing a chronic illness?  He goes into great detail about how he quit high school to pursue acting, but realized much later how important education really is.  He has received several honorary degrees from many universities and is a true artist when it comes to acting and writing…which leads me to the recommendation of this book. He motivates graduates to recognize opportunities and roll with the punches in a way that only Michael himself can hilariously convey.

  1. 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know

This is a fun one…it combines wisdom with useful advice to discuss class enrollment, living on campus, smart study habits, and other tips for students when entering their new college life.  Who would really think to back up their electronic files DAILY, or to bring flip-flops for the shower, or even to keep a journal to reflect back on their “interesting” college days?!?

High school graduates can use all the help they can get when it comes to preparing for college.  The more resources they have at their disposal, the easier the freshman year of college will be.  Happy reading, seniors!